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What's better than treating yourself to organic and natural self care? Saving while doing it! We all have our routines and sometimes we forget to replenish what we've used. That's why we've introduced a subscription option for a few of our most popular items. Save 10% when you subscribe and choose to get your favorites auto-replenished.

How do subscriptions work? Pick one or more items from the selection below. Select a delivery frequency. Choose from intervals of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months, depending on how often you'd like your item(s) shipped to your home. The 10% savings will be reflected in your cart at checkout. Update your subscription at any time here:


  • "Immune Defense" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • "Pure Energy" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • "Sensitive Skin" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • "Skin Detox" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • "Stress Relief" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • "Ultimate Exfoliator" / Organic Aromatherapy Bar Soap

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner /  Fresh Unscented

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / Calming Citrus

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / Energizing Peppermint

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / Peaceful Lavender

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / Soothing Sweet Rose

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / Uplifting Eucalyptus

  • 3 Bottle Value Pack - Anti-Aging Serum Set - 20% VITAMIN C  | 2.5% RETINOL | HYALURONIC ACID

  • ASUTRA Pain Relief Cream + Pain Relief Roll-on, ULTRA STRENGTH Arnica + MSM + B6 Formula

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist /  Ready, Set, Focus

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist / Anytime Energy Boost

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist / Confidence Elixir

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist / Instant Stress Relief

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist / Pure Soothing Comfort

  • Premium Aromatherapy Mist / Refresh, Restore, Renew

  • 100% All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner / 6 Set Value Pack