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Your 5 Step Ritual for Amazing Sleep

In honor of World Sleep Day, we created a 5 five step ritual for amazing sleep.
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All about magnesium oil spray

Learn all about magnesium oil benefits and how to get the most out of it.
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The anti-aging skin care regimen you need now

Get the anti-aging skin regimen you need now to keep your face and body glowing.
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The beauty of our magnesium body butter

It is time for a step beyond a simple moisturizer; it is time for body butter.  
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Yoga for stress relief: Patchouli & poses

Learn how yoga and patchouli reduce stress.
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The secret to all-natural skin detox: Indian healing clay mask

Get in on the detoxifying ritual used by Cleopatra 1,800 years ago.
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Yoga for fat burning: 5 poses known to burn fat

Learn 5 yoga poses that build muscle and burn fat.
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Top 5 yoga mental health benefits

Learn 5 yoga mental health benefits, from alleviating anxiety to keeping your brain young.
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Your brain on yoga: how yoga makes you smarter

Learn how yoga improves your mental fitness.
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